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Honouring the Maestro’s musical journey from 1963-2013, for his unique contribution to the field of music over 50 years.


1 Title “Sura Sudarshan” by Srikshetra Kala Prakcishika, Puri 1979
2 Vedavya Sammans, Rourkela 1984
3 Samanta Chandra Sekhara Sanskrutik Anusthan, Nayagarh 1988
4 Utkal University Naatya Sansad, Bhubaneswar 1995
5 Nikhila Utkala Sangeet Shilpi Parishad, Cuttack 1994
6 Orissa Film Critic Award 1995
7 Odisha Film Dev.Corporation, Cuttack (for Film Music) 1996
8 Odisha State(Film Industry) Award 1997
9 Chala Chitra Jagata, “Nitei Palit” Award 2000
10 O.U.A.T. Award (Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology) 2002
11 AIR, Cuttack Cultural Association 2003
12 Satabdira Kalakar (Drama) (For unique contribution to Drama) 2003
13 Doordarshan (For Best Docu-Drama on Fakir Mohan) 2004
14 Jagannath Kala Vikash Kendra, Jajpur 2004
15 MOTHER TERESSA MILLENIUM AWARD (for Culture(Music), Kolkata 2005
17 Nikhila Utkala Sangeet Shilpi Parishada, Cuttack(Sri Geeta Govinda Award) 2008
18 Pancham Veda Award for Contribution to Drama 2008
19 Surabitaan Award 2008
20 Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Kharagpur 2008
21 Diamond Jublee of Odia Cinema by Sambhabanaa-Cuttack 2009
22 Rajadhani Gaurav (Pride of the Capital) 2009
23 Rajiv Gandhi Sadvabana 2011
24 Shibabrata Poet Award 2011
25 Times of India Award 2011
26 Life Time  Achievement Award by OSA (Odia Society of America)-
 27 Honorary D.litt by the Utkal University of Culture 2011
 28 Gangadhar Meher Samman 2012
 29 Baani Chitra  Award 2013


Having had a successful and significant relationship with the music industry for over 55 years, it is only natural that Dr. Shantanu Mohapatra would have received numerous laurels and awards. The prestigious recognitions he has received, run into hundreds. After all, the legacy of Shantanu’s music is as majestic.

For starters, we have listed here a few notable awards of his musical career. You can always reach out to us to know more! We would be more than happy to furnish all details, as you please.

Award Gallery

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